MARIA WINTHER is a Swedish singer and song-writer based in Stockholm.

Since her debut album Dreamsville (2006) together with late pianist/composer Gösta Rundqvist Winther has been active in various musical collaborations such as the jazz vocal group Stockholm Voices where she is one of four singers performing with a band. The group have been touring jazz clubs and concert houses since the start in 2014 and released their debut album Come Rain or Come Shine in 2015. The follow up album New Horizon will be released in March 2023. A tribute to the music written by Sir Paul McCartney throughout his long career, from the early Beatles days til modern day.

Winther is head leader of Outline, a collaboration with the New York based duo For Living Lovers consisting of guitarist/composer Brandon Ross and acoustic bass guitarist Stomu Takeishi. The EP Soul Searching is planned to be released in 2023. 

Together with pianist and song-writer Sara Skoglund, Winther has released the EP Song to a Lion (2018) and two singles; Free (2020) and Where to Go (2020) under the name East of Hudson.